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With a quick Breakfast in 3 minutes recipe

the Most easy and fast zavtraka 1-2 servings you will need:1 small onion(fry in butter)2 small tomatoes(chopped add to the onions!)fried tomatoes are very useful!2 slices of baguette or bread(cut into cubes)add in the fried tomatoes.2 eggs beaten,prisolit,pour into the pan…Stir…Sprinkle with grated cheese,cover and …cheese melts-Ready to go!Bon appetit!—–More recipes on the website My instagram : _viktoria_chepko/cooking channel, where You’ll find delicious recipes of a huge number of dishes you can prepare at home. Delicious minute – this is a video recipes: cocktails, cakes, desserts, meat dishes, poultry and fish, salads, various snacks, fragrant soups. Source: Вкусная минутка @ Youtube.

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