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You will watch with your mouth open!!! 3 Breakfast for those who don’t like to cook it!

Want more recipes? Visit our website: Or follow us on Facebook: the Eternal problem – what to cook for Breakfast? We are struggling to solve it for you! In this video we offer 3 very simple and quick recipe for Breakfast, on weekdays and weekends. But the main thing – every dish is very tasty and unusual!Ingredients for scrambled eggs in a pita:● Eggs – 3-4 pieces● Salt pinch● Thin pita – 1 PC.● Cheese – 30 g● Ham – 30 g● Onions – 1-2 parapiptadenia:1. Stir eggs with salt and pepper (to taste), fry.2. Cover the pita and flip through the plates so that the pita bread was in the pan.3. On half of the omelet, put the cheese, ham and onion and fold in half.4. Fry for 30 seconds on each side to melt cheese and warm toppings.Ingredients for pancakes with the taste of pizza:● Ham – 100 g● Eggs – 2 PCs● Cheese – 100 g● green Onions – 4 pen● Sweet pepper – 100 g● Butter – 300 ml● Salt 1 tsp● Soda – 1/2 tsp● Flour – 240 prigotovlenie:1. Grind all the ingredients.2. Just put everything in a bowl and mix. The dough is ready.3. Fry, as usual fritters for 4-5 minutes on each side.The ingredients for the omelet in Iraqi:● Sweet pepper – 50 grams (any color)● Onion – 1/2 piece of● Tomato – 1/2● minced Chicken – 100 g● Salt 1/2 tsp● Eggs – 4 pieces Preparation:1. All the vegetables finely chop.2. Mix with minced meat and eggs.3. Fry for 5 minutes on each side. We got 2 omelets.=========================SUITABLE PLAYLISTS=========================➤ What to cook for Breakfast: ➤ Quick and easy recipes: RECENTLY PUBLISHED==========================➤ Roll of pita with Apple and cheese: ➤ Muffin child in school: ➤ 2 recipe a delicious preservation: Aivars and Gorloder: ➤ Tear-off pie stuffed with oranges and apples: ➤ Crunch dough with fresh corn: ➤ Boureki with minced meat and potatoes: in social networks:Yandex Zen: : : : : Vkontakte: Odnoklassniki: : #the Breakfast #alcanzar #eggs #Breakfast #завтракза5минут #recipe #subtractability #zavtrakat #zavtrakat #breakfasts #of Sovtransavto Source: @ Youtube.

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