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Your family will say THANK you ☆ Festive ORIENTAL DINNER ☆ Khamir khasip ☆ Prescription for AIT ENG SUB

Hamir HasipDough:Flour – 500 gr.Water – 200 ml.Egg – 1 pc.Salt – 1 tsp.Nichinka:Stuffing – 500 gr.Onions – 200 gr.Rice – 100 gr.Black pepper – 1 tsp.Coriander – 1 tspZira – 1 tsp.Paprika – 1 tspZazharka:Carrots – 250 gr.Onions – 150 gr.Tomato paste – 2 tbsp. As usual, cook the dough first. Take 500 grams of flour. Add 1 teaspoon salt, mix gently. In the middle, make a recess. Beat the egg, add some water and mix. Add water gradually in the process of kneading dough, so you can control its density. It took 200 ml. Remember the dough well, give it at least 5-7 minutes. Now cover with a lid and leave to rest for 15-20 minutes.For the filling, boil 100 gr in advance. rice until half ready. Then rinse in cold water. Cut onions into small cubes. 200 grams will be enough. Take 1 teaspoon of Zira and chop it in a mortar. You can add the whole, but I like it more. Then add a teaspoon of black pepper, a teaspoon of coriander, the same amount of paprika and two teaspoons of salt. Shuffle everything.Now add ground rice, onions and spices to the minced meat. Mix well, the filling is ready.Rested dough divided into six parts. Leave one and put the rest in a bowl and cover. From each part roll out the strip. Try to roll the dough thin. Cut this strip into large squares. Approximately 10-15 cm. Next, put the stuffing on the corner and roll it up, bending the edges.Put on a greased sheet steamer and cook for a couple of 45 minutes.10 minutes before the readiness, make a fry. Heat oil in a pan. Add 150 gr. onion cut into half rings, fry briefly. Further 250 gr. grated carrots. Stir well and fry until cooked. Last, add two tablespoons of tomato paste, fry it a little too. Add some water to make the porridge mass. Remove from heat. Divide the finished rolls in half and place on a large platter. Top with sour cream and put the frying. Do not forget to crumble fresh greens. Enjoy your meal! Source: Дастархан – вкусные рецепты @ Youtube.

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